Hi, I’m Claire & I make nerdy videos!

Claire RousseauI’m a life-long sci-fi & fantasy fan and fangirl. Non-SFF things that make me happy include gruesome Victorian medicine, obscure language facts & most food-related TV.

Probably true but you can’t prove it:
•   Too many video ideas, too little time
•   Consumes too much chocolate and coffee
•   Most likely listening to a podcast or audiobook right now

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My youtube channel

My podcast

Over on youtube, I make videos about books and nerdy things!

I focus mostly on science-fiction and fantasy novels, novellas and graphic works, with some romance, non-fiction and YA sprinkled into the mix.

Radio Free Fandom is an aiming-to-be-fortnightly podcast in which my guests & I get down & nerdy about the media and stories that we love.

Radio Free FandomThe show aims to celebrate all of the many, varied, weird & wonderful things we love, and all of the many, varied, weird & wonderful ways in which we express our nerdy, fannish obsessions – from intricate narrative analysis to squeeing about fanfic to intricate narrative analysis about fanfic that makes us squee!

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