I write Horror, Science-Fiction and Fantasy. My current work in progress is The Paradise Swarm, a Victorian medical mystery with Steampunk elements. I’m working on the second draft at the moment.


Over at my YouTube channel, I make videos on all things bookish with a focus on SFF works, from reading wrap-ups and books reviews, to monthly favourites and videos about writing & Nanowrimo.

ARC August 2016 TBR

ARC August is a reading challenge hosted by Shelly and Octavia of Read.Sleep.Repeat with the only goal to read ARCs in August. I was very excited to find out about this challenge since I have a whole bunch of ARCs sitting around that I want to read, and my NetGalley ratio really, really needs improving (it’s basically non-existent now…)


February 2016 Reads

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith This was kind of fun but also a bit eye-rolly – not because it was fanfic but because it really wasn’t that good as far as fanfic goes. Most of the book is lifted whole cloth from the original...

January 2016 Reads

Envy of Angels, Sin du Jour #1 by Matt Wallace The plot was fast-paced and fun, with high stakes and an engaging central conflict. The characters were nicely defined pretty quickly and it was funny – more chuckle-funny than laugh-out-loud-funny as far as I was...

About Claire

Sci-fi & fantasy writer, avid reader, maker of things.
Talks about books a lot.