Review Policy

What I’ll review

I read pretty widely; this being said, my preferred genres are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, Horror and Young Adult. I always go into a new story hoping to love it, so I will probably decline the request for a review if I don’t think I’ll enjoy the book. I’ll also decline if my To Be Read pile starts escalating into health hazard territory. I accept review copies from publishers, agents and authors. I occasionally review self-published works, mostly from authors I’m already familiar with, or solicit myself.

How I’ll review

I always strive to provide thoughtful and critical reviews that highlight both the positive and negative aspects of a book. If I think there’s something seriously problematic with any aspect of a book, I will always say so honestly in my review but if I don’t think there’s anything positive to talk about, I’d rather not review a book at all. On the bright side, I’m a giant nerd so if I like a book, I will gush about it no end.
While I am grateful for review copies, I reserve the right not to review a book.


I accept review copies in print and electronic formats for both novels and graphic novels. Please email so I can let you know where to mail print copies. Preferred electronic formats are .mobi for novels, and .pdf for graphic novels. I’m also on NetGalley as ClaireRousseau. I’m thoroughly addicted to audiobooks, so if you’ve got one for me to review, it’s very unlikely I’ll say no!

Other features

If you’d like to do a feature beyond a review, ie. an interview, guest post, blog tour stop or giveaway, let me know. Odds are good I’ll want to be involved!


I’ll always do my best to publish a review in good time, but if you need the review to appear by a given date, please let me know so I can plan ahead.


If you want to repost my reviews, that’d be shiny. Please give due credit and let me know where you’ve reposted so I can feel all warm & fuzzy (and tweet about it).

Anything else

For any additional information, questions or suggestions, please drop me a line at