Hi, I’m Claire

faceI’m a life-long science-fiction and fantasy fan, and an avid reader with a thing for dragons sharing a bond of friendship with humans, badass heroines dressing as boys to go to sea and magic being studied as a science. Non-SFF things that make me happy include gruesome Victorian medicine, obscure language facts, most food-related TV, the history of the labour movement, smart analytical podcasts and writing letters by hand.

Over at my YouTube channel, I make videos on all things bookish and fannish, ranging from reading wrap-ups and books reviews to in-depth videos on film and TV. I also have videos about writing & Nanowrimo up.

I’ve also been writing sporadically since I found Harry Potter fanfic in my teens. I’m a huge advocate of the Nanowrimo philosophy of just getting something on the page. I’ve participated every year since moving to the UK from France in 2008, I was a Municipal Liaison for London for a few years and I have five wins and four losses under my belt. I am great at starting new projects but not so great at finishing them, which is why I haven’t finished a novel yet & I have about half a dozen fanfics in progress at the moment.

Probably true but you can’t prove it:

  • Spends most waking hours online
  • Too many fanfic ideas, too little time
  • Will show you pictures of my cat
  • Can’t stop making things
  • Always up for baking
  • Consumes way too much chocolate and coffee
  • Most likely listening to a podcast or audiobook right now

Head over to my Instagram for cat pictures:

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